Our Clients


Guadalupe Vicon

Media Relations Specialist
Vicon Media

My website had some sort of “chronic aging disorder” but Heather found the cure. In a matter of days she redesigned it and helped me to find the perfect format to display my content, making it fresh and relevant again.

Professionally, she is a proactive, talented web designer and delivers all assignments ahead of schedule. But it is her personal skills that make her most valuable: she is honest, kind and a good listener -- I would even say she’s almost a mind reader - if you tell her what you want she’s going to make it happen.


Tony Nwoko

Halloween Empire

"Heather has been a pleasure to work with. She’s self motivated, creative and her communication skills are impeccable.

She’s always two steps ahead of me. She completes task ahead of schedule and goes above and beyond the scope of her work to reach out on my behalf for my business. Her work simply speaks for itself and her integrity is unbeatable. I will continue to work with Heather for years to come!! I highly recommend Heather and her services. Heather is a life saver. Its that simple. In my 18 years of been a business owner, I have hired a lot of people. Heather is the best person I have ever hired. Period She is beyond great. She's is super detailed, communication is A++++++++++++.  She adheres to timelines, she provides in-depth knowledge and her troubleshooting skills are impeccable. A major asset to the success of my business."


Anita Bocquee

Property Developer
Raspberry Doors

Heather is a talented designer who brings a great energy and enthusiasm to her work. Heather is passionate about her job, an excellent communicator and great fun to work with.

I had a pretty clear creative vision, and in an incredibly short period of time, Heather turned it into reality. Working remotely (with a 14 hour time difference) was easy, Heather just kept delivering outputs while I slept! I’ve managed teams of developers in the past, and I highly recommend Heather for being the whole package and effectively blending work ethos, great communication, her designer’s creativity and technical skills.


Robert Robertson


Heather has been a big help in taking our clients' design requirements and applying them to their websites.

She does a great job at making things aesthetically pleasing and functional.

She's always flexible and willing to take on additional responsibilities. It's a pleasure to work with her!


Jason Morgan

Co-Founder | VP of Development
Campus Suite

We found Heather through UpWork and she was very prompt to respond to our inquiry for help.

We provided specific training in the area of CSS and responsive website development. She was able to pick things up very quickly.

When we send her work, she's very good at quantifying the amount of work and providing back to us the amount of time that is needed to complete it.

When she delivers the work, it is on target and accurate. She's been a valuable player for us at Campus Suite!


Leslie McCoy

Production Artist
Campus Suite

Heather needed little training to handle our custom, in-house solution to integrating design into our clients' content management system installations. 

She has been integral for us in keeping pace with the barrage of our busy season.

Heather has a persistent nature and is resourceful in researching solutions to problems, which makes her a great asset in a company that is so fast paced and where everyone's actions count greatly.


Seth Staszower


Heather is someone you want to work with.

Heather has been doing all of our design for the past year and I’m glad we found her!

Whether it’s rush jobs, or intricate work with numerous back and forth, she handles it all and hasn’t missed a deadline yet!


Fiona Thompson

Writer & Editor
Readford Group

Heather really is the whole package. Finding a contractor who has all of the skills you want is like finding a diamond in a sea of glass.

Heather is that diamond. Her communication is top notch, she is on call, and patient beyond belief. Our 14-hour time difference has not been a problem whatsoever.

Heather has that rare combination of the fresh energy of youth, coupled with a maturity and attention to detail beyond her years. She is simply a joy to work with!


Ben Hutchinson

Managing Director
Ginger Sport

Heather has worked with us for over 1 year and the variety of tasks and projects Heather has worked on has been vast.

Heather's skills extend to digital and print media, social media, website development, SEO and so much more.

Heather is a fantastic communicator and has a great attitude to her work.

Heather has become an integral member of our team and we look forward to working with Heather more in the future!